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I am Kübra Terzi and I love connecting people, sharing ideas & bundling forces to achieve common goals. A Growth Consultant skilled in Branding & Identity, Project Management, Market Positioning, Marketing Strategies, Events, New Business and Entrepreneurship.

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My days are filled with analysing data and finding creative solutions to both every day, and long term problems. Whether it’s:

  • Thinking about business strategies;
  • Defining growth opportunities & defining the strategy;
  • Managing teams;
  • Finding the right product-market fit;
  • Creating content;
  • Running online campaigns;
  • Making Wireframes;
  • Hosting events;
  • or analysing new opportunities

I’m always curious & always on the go.

Custom-made solutions for the positioning, branding and growth of your company.

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Passionate about sustainability & making the world a better place. Experienced startup & tech geek, with a focus on Growth, Strategy and Branding.

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